About Us

Belly Tasty Beginnings We started off with a humble bakery in Penang selling our homemade pineapple tarts which soon became a top favorite among the folks there. Business soared and by the year 2000, Belly Good Tarts have had a total number of 47 outlets selling pastries all around Malaysia. …

Special & Events

A New Year, A New Tart

Chinese New Year Traditions How much do you know about the traditions and customs of the upcoming Spring Festival? Are you ready for all the fanfare and exciting events to come? Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays for the various Asian countries throughout, with all of …

The Magic behind Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple tarts; A buttery, small, bite-sized pastry well known to be one of the key factors that have increased the weights of people all around. So what makes them so good? Is it merely the convenience of having these little pastries being able to quench the sudden urges to have …

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Our Staff

Everyday is a Belly Good Day

It has been a long journey with Belly Good Tarts and I am proud to be part of this team creating and spreading the joy of pineapple tarts. It is always an excitement to see the smiling faces of our customers joking about how much they can eat in one go simply because of how addicting the tarts are!

Client’s Testimonials

So good you can't stop snacking on them!

Every year the family would buy jars of pineapple tarts and Belly Good Tarts is one of those that would consistently remain on the list. I can demolish a whole box to myself purely because we would not stop at purchasing just one. Yummy!!!

As a baking enthusiast myself, I often enjoy trying out different pastries and bakes during my downtimes and Belly Good Tarts was a delightful surprise! The services were good, the staff are friendly and the pineapple tarts were fantastic! I’ll definitely be back for more and I’m looking forward to whatever new items they will put forth in the future!

It’s so good… The perfect combination of sweetness from the soft pineapple jam and the light touch of savoriness from the pastry… Chef’s kiss man!

Delightful Culinary Journey

Check out our Livestream where we talk about all things Belly Tasty! Available every Saturday GST+8, 12PM - 7PM!